Get Involved

To become a CUTV member:

1) Come by our offices and fill out a membership form, meet our staff and get a tour of our facilities.

You can also enjoy some complimentary coffee and tell us about your creative ideas and plans!

2) We ask our new members to complete a camera certification on one of HMC cameras.

This can be arranged by emailing, to set up an appointment with our equipment technician, Lara. The training usually takes around 30 minutes to complete. 

3) The final step is to cover an event for CUTV’s YouTube channel.

This could be anything from a public lecture to a community workshop. The purpose of this step is to give our new members the hands-on experience, provide them with the opportunity to network and contribute to the community and to create a media coverage piece for their portfolio.

You can see our members’ contributions to the CUTV media hub on our YouTube page!