About CUTV

CUTV is a member-operated campus/community media production organization.


Our Montreal studio is a resource for video content creators of all skill levels. We offer hands-on training to beginners and provide advanced filmmakers with the means to realize their ideas. We strive to partner with non-profit and community organizations across Montreal.  Founded as Sir George TV in 1969, CUTV is a registered non-profit funded by Concordia University students and is one of the oldest student-funded TV stations in North America. 


Our intention is to create a safe and stimulating community space for anyone excited about the media creation process and interested in sharing their ideas and goals, expanding their skills, becoming part of a social movement and reaching a new audience.


CUTV provides facilities, equipment, and training through which members may gain and share knowledge and experience with the production, programming, distribution and management of video production.  CUTV engages with the student body and the greater Montreal community through diverse media creation.