Meet Our Team



Brian Mann

I have been a CUTV member since 2006. While pursuing my undergraduate degree, I held several volunteer executive positions at CUTV, such as program manager and in house video editor. I also helped spearhead CUTV’s campaign for the successful fee levy increase in 2010. After kicking ass in the media field for a few years, I returned to CUTV in 2013, and was elected the chairman of CUTV’s Board of Directors. The following year I moved to Scotland to pursue a Masters in International Multimedia Communications. Upon my return to Montreal in 2015, I was hired as CUTV’s Executive Director. If not for CUTV, I would not be where I am today. The resources and community that CUTV provides have helped me to flourish in my career, so as Executive Director I have made it my mission to help CUTV reach its maximum potential. My hobbies include video games, breaking stuff and obscure rule adaptations of common sports.

Amber Jackson

Amber is CUTV’s administrative coordinator. She sincerely enjoys podcasts, sitcoms and any tv show with a cast of strong female characters. Amber came from West Texas all the way to Montreal to get a BFA from Concordia University. When she is not making music or feminist media, she is rocking the administrative work at CUTV and helping members to achieve their media goals!

Sasha Lipskia

CUTV’s Communications Director Sasha is a multimedia producer with a background in acting, filmmaking, writing, social work and coaching. Currently, Sasha is pursuing her love of media and community-oriented work in the Media Studies MA program at Concordia University. When not in class or at CUTV, you can locate her wandering around Montreal, listening to podcasts and writing. She also loves peanut butter and snow.

Lara Sofia

Lara is CUTV’s equipment manager. She is a singer/songwriter and a composer. She has a background in Finance and Digital Music. Lara loves films, books, writing, animals, food (especially sushi!), cooking, and everything that puts a smile on her face.




Ian Goodman – President

This is Ian’s first year on the board, and he is as stoked as can be. 20 years ago, he studied film at the Vancouver Film School then toiled away in Vancouver’s film industry for half a decade–making diapers look beautiful on Huggies commercials, writing feature films starring chimpanzees, creating a short film with a Telefilm grant, assistant-directing in a motion-capture studio, and many things in between. Much of the film biz smashed his soul so he ran east to escape it all. 15 years later, he discovered CUTV which gently handed him back his spirit as he made films about and for the community. He believes that non-corporate storytelling by many unique and diverse voices helps people and communities thrive. This is why CUTV is so precious to him. Serving on the board, he will work to enable as many filmmakers, storytellers, artists, students and journalists as he can!

Margot Florestorre

Margot Florestorre is an independent filmmaker from Mexico City (Mexico) who graduated from the “Bicultural Center for Cinema and Acting – Serguei Eisenstein” in 2015. She specialised in all things pertaining to direction, edition, camera handling and assistant directing. With 9 years of professional experience, she had progressed into cinema, theatre and television industry in Mexico City. She collaborated with acclaimed film professionals, such as: Jonás Cuarón, Elisa Miller,Gloria Carrasco, Diego Cataño, Diana Lein, Gustavo Sánchez Parra and María Secco.\In April of 2014, she was recognised as “Artist of the Month” by the Novangardo Foundation. She is currently a part and founding member of an audiovisual collective called “Punto Ciego”.I’m hoping to give members a voice that is proactive, involved and attentive, but also give the organisation direction, care and growth.

Anna Grigorian 

Anna Grigorian is an experimental visual artist, working primarily in the mediums of video art, and photography. She was born and raised in Armenia, and is currently completing her BFA studies in Montreal, Canada at Concordia University. Anna is one of the CUTV Board of Directors as an undergraduate student member. During her last year in the University, she wants to take the opportunity to be even more involved in various volunteering opportunities at Concordia. Since Anna is passionate about experimental art, she wants to strengthen connections between CUTV and art community of Concordia, and help organize various events for the community.

Louis de Medeiros

My name is Louis de Medeiros, I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate student at the Liberal Arts College of Concordia University. This is my Second semester at the University and so far I have been enjoying my studies. Only recently arrived in Montreal since January 2017, I moved from California where I had tried to pursue a passion of mine: acting. After that experience I quickly understood that if I ever wanted to get the ball rolling it would have to be on my own terms, since then I have dedicated myself to script writing and film production in the hopes of creating valuable projects. When I heard about CUTV I was immediately drawn by it. I saw it as a real platform for meeting individuals who shared common goals and the possibility of learning from real experts in their fields, whether it be sound, film or post-production. Least to say I can’t wait to get started working on some projects!

Yves Elmir

Yves Elmir grew up in Lebanon, Brazil, the U.S. and currently calls Montreal home. He enjoys writing , directing , producing and acting in films. He became a member of CUTV when he found out about the equipment he could borrow and the workshops he can participate in and the great people he gets to meet at the station and collaborate with. He became a board member of CUTV this past fall and hopes to continue his projects with the support of the station.


Lan Sinha

Lan has been a CUTV member since summer of 2017. He is a recent graduate of the Film Studies program in Concordia. He has worked as a soundtrack artist for several independent films and has recently developed a passion from music to filmmaking after winning a grant offered by CUTV for the documentary section for his new project about a blind Caribbean musician called, Color of Sound along with fellow board member and colleague, Yves El-Mir. Lan is currently looking to expand his experience and knowledge in media related work and is also working on another film project about the coming of age and growing up in Cote des Nieges, Montreal.

Liz Bono